Chance to expand the farm??? Is it worth more??

Discussion in 'Whitetails General' started by Jamie557, Feb 1, 2018.

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    Still curious to know why he was thinking of selling his 80 there. Would want to know why he wanted to sell that before sinking more money into a farm that he was thinking of selling unless the reason would go away with purchasing the extra acreage.

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    Is it listed through a realator or is the neighbor pricing it himself to you? Sometimes it worth waiting for a realtor to list it if you feel the price is too high. At times they can price ground more realistic than some people think their land is worth therfore you may get this land cheaper by waiting.
    I had the chance to buy 80 acres accross the road from me last year. She wanted $3200 an acre,$256,000 for the 80 acres. NOPE!! All the neighbors were asked if they wanted it and of course declined the offer. After 5 months(and me buying my farm i have now) she had it listed on line with a realtor and the Price was $208,000, $2600 an acre. I talked to the guy that got it and he bought for less than that. He didnt give me an actual number.
    I know alot of people worry about neighbors being big meany heads but the guy that bought this 80 acres told me if there was a 180” deer standing in the field and i saw it, i needed to shoot it before it gets away. He’s a hunter also but with a neighbor like him were gonna get along just fine im sure.

    On the other hand my brother inlaw sold 100 acres in perry county at auction. They figured would bring $2200 an acre that had about 35-40 acres tillable and the rest woods with a pond. They got $5225 an acre because the neighbor wanted it. So price could go up on the piece you want if the right person wants it. Kinda danged if you do, danged if you dont. Good lick to you, hope it works out.
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    This piece your brother-in-law sold at auction sounds just like my cousins property that is/was supposed to go up for auction in Perry cty. Do you know by chance if it is located on "D" highway in the eastern part of the county?
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    Ok I live in Laclede County and Love it got Bennett Spring State Park on one side and Mark Twain National Forest on the other side.

    I sold our farm in Dallas County, needed 4WD to get to it, 7 years ago for $1,500 an acre. It did have Electric and Well but the Guy wanted it for Deer hunting nothing else.

    We got our place cheap 3 1/2 Acres, House, two Car Garage with Apartment and Shop built on, 3 Sheds for $40,000.

    Oh the Guy that bought my place actually thought I killed all the Deer and hated me for this. He bought my place now everyone hates him because he isn't doing anything to help the Deer.

    :D The Big Grin was born in Dallas County.
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    I know the property he is talking about and yes it was on Hwy D.
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    Ok sorry I have been delayed. I got to walk the woods.

    It wont be listed by a realtor. The sale to me wont be. The farm they are buying is listed. They will buy the farm then immediately sell me the timber. They want to write a contract ready to go to lock everything in. I have not heard back from them yet.

    I did find an old indian marker tree and some access around the crazy hollars that surround our place. There is also an old still sight where moonshine was made. The original owners son told me it was there and I found it.

    I would acess this property right from my place. It is less than 50 foot from my main gate. The easements are already in place. I would have to just build an access road through the woods. I would probably sell some walnut trees to pay for the road and get some money back. The road would be necessary to get around two huge hollars and for safety reasons in the dark.

    Also I was originally thinking of selling my farm because it was too small and there are too many hunters hunting the line. This purchase would eliminate 3 hunters from the line. I would be buying 55 acres that would push me to a total of 135 acres.

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    Also there was some trash on the place. They would also have to hug the lines around the field to let me get full access do to two huge hollows that run across our lands. I cant get across the hollows if they dont but I think it will work.

    I was wondering if I pointed out the trash I could get them to take some off the price. Right now it would be 55 acres for $110,000.00

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    If you think the additional property will satisfy your needs and you will keep all of it, then I'd probably buy it if you are happy with your current ground.

    If you just don't like the way your current ground lays and the new property won't improve that much, then perhaps it's time to sell your 80 acres and find another 80-130 acres somewhere else that sits better.

    If you were seriously thinking of selling, I would not buy the additional parcel. It's a lot easier to sell 80 acres than it is 130. Middle class folks have a budget
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    Agree with Curtis. ^^^
    Regarding the trash, it wouldn't hurt to ask if they would clean up the trash for the asking price or reduce a bit for you to haul it off and see what they say. Don't push the issue to the point of making the deal fall through if that is not your intention.

    Good luck!
  12. In all seriousness though, as others have said, keep the 80 and purchase the additional if you were truly happy with the 80 besides the number of hunters on the line and size. Sell it there were other reasons.
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    Looks like an old mobile home and some of it could be scrapped for money, but I don't think there gonna clean that up haha. Hope it works out for u bud
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    If this were my deal and you were trying to eliminate other hunters hunting lines I would try to get it included that yiu have exclusive hunting rights the the fields they are keeping, or a lease etc. It would suck to buy the timber and then have them lease the fields and have just as many guys hunting the edges.
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    Or a shooting house in the middle, guns aimed your way. I know that feeling... not sure of the right way to handle this, but it does suck to have part of your property downrange of the neighbors...
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    I would say it comes down to if you were going to keep your current farm or not. If no, then I wouldn't purchase the adjoining land...but that's just me. If you were going to keep your farm then I would absolutely buy it. The only way to control your neighborhood is to own it. Nothing worse than a bad neighbor!!!
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