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Ok I have been looking to find a chalkboard. I would like to find an old one about 36x42. If anyone knows where one is please let me know!
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I have tried that!!! But thanks!
Originally posted by Bronco Brian
Why chalk and not white?
Just curious!9(nosey)
I have several antiques and the house is a very rustic gathering of items. The white would look like ****!
Originally posted by Big John
They make them but they are masonite with a primer like paint on them no slate anymore.
Yes and I want a slate!
Brian I have looked at Ebay several times those are nto big wnough. But thank you for looking.

DSG...you get the pea to ratteling around in there and see what you can come up with!!! Let me know.
I got a email from one of our lurkers!!! He has just what I am looking for! Now all I have to do is get to Ohio to get it!!!!! I love this web site!
Thanks guys I have made arrangments to pick it up!

A firend of mine is gonna pick it up and have it in Indiana for me to grab the next tiem I am there. It was just south of Lima!

Thanks for the offer!
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