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In our Timber have Cedars about 12' tall. I burnt this and smaller stuff got burnt and killed and Bigger Cedar Trees just bottom part got burnt.

I'm thinking if I cut the burnt off the Bigger Trees this will make them better. Right?

Ok I already hear negatives on Cedars but they grow well, bushy and Green year round, this is what I really like and yes I have some Pines but they don't do well as Cedars.


:D The Big Grin likes shade.

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It all depends on what you're trying to do. Timber, forage, cover? Timber value? Cedar is next to useless. Forage? Cedar offers next to nothing except a tiny amount winter fiber and cedar berries for birds. It keeps anything from growing underneath too. Cover? If the understory branches have been burned there's no cover.

Personally, the big ones hold no value on my land and I go after them accordingly. Cut down on their sides as they dry for a controlled burn? There's side cover and understory forbs will kick up once the sunlight hits the forest floor. The small ones offer some side cover but I don't protect them when burning.
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