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Cattle equipment

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For sale is a priefert 180° sweep and alley, also a 10' bow gate that needs a little work. Asking $1300. Also have squeeze chute for $1200. Located north of Springfield
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Give me a call on this 417-268-8277.im taking the boy hunting in 30 min or so. So if I dont answer leave me a message.
I might be interested as well but it’s goin to be couple weeks before I can get there. Let me know if you still have it next week
Sweep and alley sold. Squeeze chute still for sale. $1000
@CamoNinja needs this for controlling those "big boned gals":rofl:
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@CamoNinja needs this for controlling those "big boned gals":rofl:
I just set a feed bucket out and it seems to keep them occupied long enough.
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All sold
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