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  1. How many deer per hundred acres will general upland in NE MO carry if the land is half woods and half CRP with crops within a half mile and adequate water and cover? How many can be harvested of each sex? Thanks.
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    100 acres isn't going to hold deer constantly. What the adjoining and surrounding area has would be very important. The amount of harvest pressure it gets would be just as important. That's a decision that can't be made just based on acres. 02

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    I think your question is virtually impossible to answer with any accuracy without a multitude of information from your acreage and all surrounding acreage
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    I read an article that said much of Missouri averages roughly 20 deer per sq. mile. 100 acres is close to 1/6th of a sq. mi. which equals roughly 3 deer per 100 acres on average. High quality land with quality land surrounding it will obviously average more and poor ground/habitat will average less. Hope this helps.
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    20 sounds high for a state average. Maybe a NE Missouri average but I'd still think it's upper teens for the general area. Average drops the further south you go.
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    Factoring in diseases CWD / EHD those southern MO counties are looking fairly stellar. Esp if we're just talking overall population and densities....unfortunately it can change all too quickly when considering CWD....
  7. The site is 400 acres, I thought a per hundred acre figure might be available. I was looking for a general number. I had read somewhere the roughly 20 per square mile in NE MO number that Gamegetter mentioned. That would be about a dozen on 400 acres. My main concern is how many should be harvested per year of each sex as a rule of thumb, to be adjusted as need be. My madness so far sees the 12 deer as 6 does & 6 bucks. Five of the does are bred and produce 9 fawns of which 7 survive to adulthood. Lets say these 7 are 3 does and 4 bucks and one of each get hit by a car, etc.. That leaves 2 does and 3 bucks to be harvested per year assuming EHD does not make another pass thru the area and CWD stays away. I believe that more deer has been harvested here the last few years and I don't see as many deer as I once did and want to get things back in balance. Two does and three bucks per year?
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    If you want more deer the doe harvest number should be zero until you have more deer. The number of bucks isn't important in most cases as far as increasing deer numbers .
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    There are many more variables you're not considering. Your young bucks disperse, neighboring young bucks come in, big bucks travel through, neighbors might kill one of your does. Short of high fence there's no way to guarantee that at any given time you have a set number of deer on your property. At times you may have zero (probably not likely with 400 acres) at other times you might have 30.

    Best bet is if during season you're seeing 4 -5 different does you could probably kill 1. If you're seeing 8 -10 does you might could kill 2. Killing bucks really wont affect your population, new bucks will come in and does will get bred either way.
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    If you have 400 acres of very good habitat with below average hunting pressure, you will likely have more than the average. The opposite is true.
  11. All good advice guys. I realize that the herd is determined by the number of does taken, not the bucks--unless you take all of them. Henry is right, we should not take any does for a year or two to see what the numbers are then. Meller is right about the pass thru deer, the farm is upland between two larger creeks that have a lot of timber and deer cross from one to the other across this farm so carrying capacity is not exact. We will have cameras up at the ponds and the salt site to try to get a handle on what is there at least some of the time.
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    5 deer heavily weighted towards bucks vs doe is good enough. Dont sweat the details you have no control over. Keep some old doe around regardless if they make your hunting more difficult. Good old mothers teach young mothers a lot about mothering.
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    MDC estimate is 1.4 million ish

    State is @ 70k sq miles
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    I don't know where you are, but I can tell you that 20 DPSM, is low for my part of NEMO. I guarantee its more than that, and was much more than that before 2012. I have good habitat, and it's easy to exceed that.
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    With the diversity of land features and habitat in Missouri, it would be very difficult to say that the 20 DPSM were uniformly distributed across the landscape. Of course there will be pockets of high and low deer densities. I would imagine 20 is an average...
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    Your numbers are a bit off. Estimates use to be closer to 1.5 but our population has declined. Current MDC estimate is closer to 1.2. And total area of state is 69,704 sq miles. That’s about 17/sq mile
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    Another thing to consider is good nutritional forage, water, and cover. Which the better you have the more you can carry. If you have better than the neighbors, you will also have their deer. Habitat management will dictate what you carry on your 400 acres.
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    Hunting smaller properties I would be more concerned with how many deer use my 100 acres as part of their main home range.Just thinking about this I would be running trail cameras and figuring out how many unique bucks are using my property regularly,I would define regularly as at least once per week over a months time frame.I would be trying to make my property as desirable as possible to attract the most bucks potentially to use my property as their turf.Outside of the Rut bucks that frequent a spot at least once a week generally for me at least have been killable.Hard to kill randoms outside the Rut at least has been the case in my life
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    I have 85 acres of all timber with some shooting lanes and some small food plots. I’ve had it for 20 years and we have killed 4 to 6 deer off of it every year. The only time we think the deer all died off is the good acorn years. This is in central Missouri. I would think northern Missouri with some crops around you would have double the deer I have.
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    I dont doubt this a bit, but.... I doubt your neighbors are killing near as many deer. If they were youd be killing like 40 deer per year per square mile. Thats why the OPs question is impossible to answer. If his neighbors shoot lots of deer he may only be able to kill 1 per year. If they kill no deer he may be able to kill 10 per year.