Can you find the Turk???

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  1. Really not that hard and the pictures don't do it justice. This was the best photo I could get, especially only being maybe 30 to 40 yards from them, so I appologize. This was taken last thursday while pop's, the boys, and I were trout fishing on upper taneycomo. There was at least 28 birds in the group that I could see in all the brush. This old tom and several others started struttin' as we got closer. Counted four toms in the group that I could see that were all draggin' beards. These birds were in some of the nastiest briars and brush cane that I think I have ever seen birds in before.



    Oh yea, we did catch our limit of trout as well, great day to be on the water with boy's and pop's :dancin:
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    Nov 24, 2004
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  3. Thanks, Cfraz. I wish I could of zoomed it in better but when I did it kept focusing in on the limbs and would blur out the Turk.
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    Dec 3, 2002
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    Sounds like a good day on da water!!! Cool pics...
  6. Yep, and if it wasn't boardering the city limit's and across from a couple resorts and very near a popular fishin' hole on the lake I might of been very tempted of pursuin' the bird a little further if it was season ;).
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    I can't says I blame ya there!!!! Target rich environment there, with 4 swingin beards!!!
  8. I thought for sure it was gonna be a picture of a mirror:hysterical: and you were talking about me:rotfl:
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    Took this today on my way home from work!
  10. :eek::eek::eek:

    Good pic Cfrazee.

    Just had a thought, wonder if those feed bin's would be deep enough to lay down in and wait for the turkey's to show up ;).

    Feed Trough Blinds, think it'd sell???
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    LOL Most likely they are! But that is the neighbors place, not mine!!!
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    You're not friendly toward your neighbors? We all hunt on each other where I'm from. No problems so far.
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    Nice pictures from both of you!
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    Well as far as this goes..........NO!!!
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    That's too bad, neighbors should be neighborly...
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    Sure you want to come here for youth season, if you got turks you can walk up to at 40 yards.:rotfl:

    Went out last night and noticed the big group has now dwindled down to about 20 birds. They were in the middle of the section. I could tell there were at least four long beards in there and I would ventrue to say there were a few jakes the way they were beating on each other. Of course it can't be all good news, still had about 20 hens with them.
  17. Yep, I'm sure Mike. Nothing like siting on the edge of a woodline WATCHING a field with good friends :moon:. Only thing better is in the blind overlooking the dekes and Watching the sky ;).

    Hopefully they'll be brokeup and ready for some lead in a week and a half :cheers::cheers::cheers:
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    I think you could see better if you were on the ground under one, and had some camo net or something hanging down to cover you. Of coarse, you'd have to shoot through your net. :sniper:
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    Too easy swmo! lol
    Neat pics though!