Calling All Coyotes!!!!

Discussion in 'Predators' started by WBF, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. WBF

    WBF Wolf Brook Farms

    Oct 25, 2013
    Picked up a new E-Caller to try out over Christmas/New Years break. Curious what your go to calls are for this time of year. I'm figuring Coyotes are getting geared up for mating season though it's a tad early . So vocalizations/howels or all distress?
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  2. h_callahan

    h_callahan Senior Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    warren county
    what you get? i run the rabbit distress 95% will do woodpecker distress if i think any bobcats are around.. my fusion has 4-5 different ones. fox pro has some good vids on youtube. i am looking forward to trying the raccoon stuff when we i get time.

    good luck i hope i get more time to go if we can get a warm-up

  3. jehrbo

    jehrbo Full Fledged Member

    I bet their getting hungry during this cold snap.
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  4. h_callahan

    h_callahan Senior Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    warren county
    I haven't had any luck during this cold snap. wonder if anyone has? seems like they are holding tight right now.
  5. BackyardBandit

    BackyardBandit Don't mind me

    Jan 12, 2012
    West St. Louis Co.
    I saw one today in a thicket from the road. Saw one on a deer drive mid day too this week.
    Got a mangy one on cam at 1pm on the 27th. Been seeing quite a few tracks walking through the woods.
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  6. STTH

    STTH Well-Known Member

    Nov 25, 2006
    Turd Crick North
    Seeing a lot while packing the mail, haven't done any calling but talked to a few that have, not much luck. I think everyone around the area has a caller and they are getting a little wary. To me seems not as easy as a few years back.
  7. flatlander_

    flatlander_ Really? Show me. .

    That’s definitely the case around here. Everyone has an e caller and everyone is out on the weekends calling. I had a lot more success 8-10 years ago than I do now. I use mouth calls anymore and sit longer than I used to.

    I haven’t done any calling yet, I’m waiting until after the new year.

    I seen a few the last couple of days while out feeding cows but didn’t see any today.
  8. flatlander_

    flatlander_ Really? Show me. .

    I’m sitting in a tree stand and hearing coyotes howling to the nw of me now.
  9. WBF

    WBF Wolf Brook Farms

    Oct 25, 2013
    h-Callahan --- I went with the Lucky Duck Revolt. Pretty slick set up. You can actually change the physical direction of the call via the remote. So if you want to start out with the call facing north you can direct the call left to right or right to left or do a full 360 all from the remote. It also has the built in decoy that flutters and you can control the speed. Apparently they are having a lot of luck with the new library of live sounds the call comes equipped with. I don't believe my area gets called all that much to risk over calling or hunting pressured coyotes. But you never know.

    Planning on giving it a try tomorrow evening. They have been howling in the evenings from the same area (super thick clear cut) all deer season/ Fall. So I figure they are hanging around the thick stuff during the day and then getting vocal 30-40 mins before sundown.

    Supposed to be the warmest day of the week tomorrow (Friday) so hopefully they will be on the prowl in front of this next cold front due to come through.

    Planning on starting out with some type of interrogation Howl then see how if they respond then proceed to a rabbit distress or possibly even a deer/fawn in distress.
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  10. GTOHunter

    GTOHunter Well-Known Member

    Any Female Coyote sounds would be good this time of year,Pup in Distress or Mice/Rodents sounds...start off fairly low on the sound and work it up if You get no responses after a while.

    I like using different sounds that aren't used a lot like chicken in Distress or even Racoon Distress or fighting.
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  11. WBF

    WBF Wolf Brook Farms

    Oct 25, 2013
    Isn't there certain types of "barks" your supposed to stay away from???

    I was reading an article that covered vocalizations of coyotes. The author usually always liked to locate the coyote first through different howls. ( (kind of like hooting in the spring for gobblers)... once they are located he will then try to set up on them taking wind direction/sun in account then some more interrogation type howls or submissive non aggressive howls. If nothing then pup distress mixed in with rabbit distress or rodent, bird etc.

    The coyotes in my area have finally started to fill in the last 3 yrs after a fairly significant die out I believe due to mange. We killed several in the middle of the day while haying or going through the fields. They all had little to no hair on them and showed absolutely no fear of humans. Want to talk about something in extremely poor shape and STINK! So we mainly would call in bobcats for the most part. Most people have poor luck or a harder time with the cats but where we are it's just the opposite. For this exact reason I always shied away from any type of coyote howl or vocalizations and just went straight to a distress type of call. (So I wouldn't blow a cat out).... Has anyone had a bobcat come in on a set after playing or using coyote vocalizations initially then distress?
  12. radioactive

    radioactive Active Hunter

    Jan 25, 2012
    I've never had any luck with coyote vocals, but check out Randy Anderson, Coyote caller on facebook or youtube. He is one of the best in the business and starts nearly every set with interrogation howls. They often answer him and start coming to the call. When he spots the yote, he switches to rabbit distress and they usually come in.
    I can say I have never had Ozark yotes act like those in the hunts filmed in prairie type terrain. On the hunts I have done starting with vocals I have never seen or heard a yote. Starting with a distress has worked best for me by far
  13. UrbanHunter

    UrbanHunter Well-Known Member

    22Man, do your neighbors realize you're their best friend?
    I'd keep you in liquor and bullets!:brownnose:
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  14. 22 man

    22 man Member

    Jul 20, 2008
    West Central MO
    Actually all of these were killed on big farms that give me permission to hunt them because of their calf lose. I just received a call about 4 this evening from another local farmer that wants me to call his place.
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  15. WBF

    WBF Wolf Brook Farms

    Oct 25, 2013
    22 Man--PM your way Mister!!!!!!!
  16. Jamie557

    Jamie557 Active Member

    Apr 3, 2012
    WBF u try that call yet???
  17. WBF

    WBF Wolf Brook Farms

    Oct 25, 2013
    Yep! Ran it the last two evenings. I've always ran Fox Pro's in the past and no doubt they are the gold standard when it comes to E-Callers but Rick Paillet has something that may give FP a run for their money. The clarity of the sounds and speaker volume is unreal! A nice option/feature is that this call can be activated via the remote to allow the call to scan 180 deg. from side to side or even a full 360. One thing nice about this feature is the fact that the predator and you receive an accurate listening "experience". It also helps when it comes to selecting the proper volume. Normally you start off a calling sequence with the horn/speaker directly facing away from your position, by doing this its really easy to start off at too high of a volume and possibly "blow out" the area. With this LD caller I can start out with the horn/speaker facing straight at me and adjust the volume from there. The volume I believe goes up to 30 and thus far 12-13 has been plenty loud enough. Plus your able to turn the gain on the amp from 1 up to 4. This allows better clarity on some of the higher pitched calls. I've been running it on 3 but if you get a really windy day you can up the gain to 4 from the remote. Being able to sweep the caller/sound from Left to Right or visa versa is pretty slick. I'm still learning all the sound names in the files and what they sound like in the field so there's definitely a learning curve as well as learning the new remote . So far I think they have a real winner with this e-call! If you have any particular questions feel free to ask! I'll try to answer the best I can. There's also another LD called the revolution. The Revolution has a HD camera mounted where my Revolt has an additional tweeter instead of a camera. I didn't see a need for a HD cam but that's just me. I'd rather have the tweeter.

    The first night we didn't have the best entry into this particular part of the farm but I was amped up to try this new caller. We called in some type of falcon initially with rabbit distress and tried some different howls . No takers. This evening I took my youngest out to deer hunt for a bit so didn't get back out with the caller till around 4:30. I went with a long interrogation howl and then a female type howl and two different ridges opened up with howling and barking back. I basically just tried to find a sound that I could mimic what they were throwing at me. But no takers. I ended with pup distress but never seen a yote. I was calling at the top of a long field with a thick clear cut to my NW and then another ridge to my NNE. Wind was quartering in my face from the NW so pretty strong set up. Plus I've been hearing yotes sounding off on a regular basis just before dark from the NW thick clear cut just about all deer season from Oct till now. Planning on a possible AM hunt tomorrow.....
  18. Jamie557

    Jamie557 Active Member

    Apr 3, 2012
    I have been considering buying one. Keep me posted on your results.