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I received in my email a cupon for Cabelas stating that customer will receive the employee discount upon checkout for any instock items, but it does not state what the discount is and that one should ask an Cabelas "outfitter" so I was wondering if anyone on here works at Cabelas or could give me some insight as to what the discount might be...I am aware that the % might be different such as Cabelas brand vs other brand makers.


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It varies a lot by the brand name. Cabelas stuff has the highest percentage off by far. It is a LOT off on clothes especially.

Primos is also one that has a high percentage.

There are a lot of items and brands that have percentages off that are higher than 20 percent.

The percentages are a lot lower on optics and guns.

I have not had an opportunity to get into one of those deals for a couple of years, but it sure was sweet! :cheers:


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Everyone kind of nailed it. Don't expect the discount on sale items. The discount would apply to the regular price and sometimes the sale price is less.
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