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Just wondering if anybody did any good this last weekend of season? For us, it was the best weekend all season. This year has been kind of a off year it has seamed. Alot of the places we've done good in the past, just hasn't had the bunnies, I thought. In Dec. we hunted this place we always go, and see at least a dozen, this year didn't see a track. Went to it Sat. thought maybe get the dogs on a chase or two, ended up jumping rabbits everywhere. I don't understand it, some days their out some not, some days the dogs can track good, some days they can't. Depends on moisture, wind, and whatever else I guess:banghead:. I do know this time of the year they're ruttin' and it seems like the chases are longer and better. I just like to hear those hounds run.:eek: Today had an awesome day up in Calloway county. Man, now I sure hate to see it come to an end.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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