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  1. grunter73

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    Dec 14, 2005
    Lincoln County
    Just wondering if anybody did any good this last weekend of season? For us, it was the best weekend all season. This year has been kind of a off year it has seamed. Alot of the places we've done good in the past, just hasn't had the bunnies, I thought. In Dec. we hunted this place we always go, and see at least a dozen, this year didn't see a track. Went to it Sat. thought maybe get the dogs on a chase or two, ended up jumping rabbits everywhere. I don't understand it, some days their out some not, some days the dogs can track good, some days they can't. Depends on moisture, wind, and whatever else I guess:banghead:. I do know this time of the year they're ruttin' and it seems like the chases are longer and better. I just like to hear those hounds run.:eek: Today had an awesome day up in Calloway county. Man, now I sure hate to see it come to an end.
  2. We went to place yesterday we have been killing swampers out of on a reular basis. Didnt even have a decent race. Its been a bad year down here. The cotontails are hard to find. But weve been killing a few.But this weekend we had a piss poor closer.


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    Dec 14, 2005
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    my uncle and a bunch of guys went up north and killed 36 in 2 days

    I didnt get any but I olney went 3 times