Bucks are destroying my trees!

Discussion in 'Social Club' started by Mastevt, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Mastevt

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    Apr 16, 2009
    Grain Valley
    While down spraying today, I noticed this row of trees that was planted a couple of years ago, had a total of 11 trees that the bucks have destroyed, one right after another.:mad2:

    Here's just a few of them....
  2. boatcaptain

    boatcaptain Active Member

    May 31, 2010
    Had the same problem when I planted my apple and peach trees. When small like that put chicken wire around them then put human hair around them. When they get bigger put the hair in a sock or stocking and hang from tree. Get the hair from the barber shop. It sure stoped the deer from killing and rubbing on my trees. Now they just come in and eat the apples on the now mature trees.:claphands:

  3. citybowhunter

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    Feb 13, 2009
    Independence Mo.
    I have tree shelters around my two year old Pin Oaks and they've started pushing the tubes up over the tree and browsing the leaves. I keep putting them back over the trees and I'm waiting for the leaves to turn brown so they'll leave them alone. :mad2:
  4. oneshot 1

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    Jun 11, 2003
    Best hunting I ever had was in 300 acres of New Apple Trees where the MDC gave Unlimited Tags to take care of the problem back in the early '70's.

    :D the Big Grin would have Loved the Old Days.
  5. UrbanHunter

    UrbanHunter Well-Known Member

    I was at a commercial nursery last week in a river bottom. They rub Dove soap on the trunks themselves, then spray a fabric softener solution on the trunks too. Do it in August before rubbing starts.
    NO damage.
    His theory is "what self-respecting buck wants to smell pretty"?:rof2:
  6. TheRedPilot

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    Aug 30, 2010
    I'll take care of your problem for ya! No Charge! haha!
  7. callaojoe

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    Jan 21, 2004
    N/C Missouri
    I wouldn't stand for that, make em pay... I say, give em a death sentence.....:D Dang vandals.....:shrug:
  8. venatic

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    I say those deer should be shot for damaging your property.
  9. Hayzer

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    [rquote=1867181&tid=129974&author=venatic]I say those deer should be shot for damaging your property.[/rquote]

    Yes, kill 'em all.