Buck Down!!! (Boone County)

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    Aug 21, 2010
    Have been hunting pretty darn hard the last several weeks. Especially hard since last Monday when I started vacation. Anyway, I usually hunt with my dad when he decides he wants to get himself out of bed to do so, which has been about every other morning. Last night I hunted in a woodlot where we have been seeing some deer passing through. After the hunt last night, I left my climber attached to the tree because I inetended to hunt it again this morning. I also left my bow and my fanny pack perched up the tree on a bow hanger.

    Low and behold, my dad decides to hunt this morning too. As we're heading towards the back of the farm on foot, he informs me that he's going to hunt the woodlot!! The tree that my climber was still attached to was about 40 yards from his ladder stand, in the same woodlot. So I told him that I'd be hunting my climber and that we'd have to be neighbors this morning. No problem......it actually worked out for the better!!!

    This buck had been trailing a doe through a nearby field. The doe headed towards my dads direction and entered the woods about 20 yards downwind from him. In short order, the buck followed her into the woods. The buck passed through one shooting lane that my dad had, but wouldn't stop to dads mouth bleat. As he got into the second shooting lane, he stopped long enough for my dad to get an arrow off. I could tell immediately that the arrow had hit high and it appeared to get little penetration.

    As luck would have it, the buck bounded in my direction and stopped not 8 yards away, BROADSIDE. Dad's arrow had already fallen to the ground. With very little time to formulate my thoughts, I drew back and released an arrow. Thump!! Complete pass through, entering on the upper rib cage on the near side and exiting just behind the opposite front leg. The buck ran off about 30 yards before getting the wobbly legs that we all like to see. He fell over right there and expired a few minutes later.

    After assessing my dads arrow and his shot placement, we both agreed that it was probably a good thing that fate had us sitting close together this morning. Neither of us believes that his shot would have been fatal and that the buck more than likely would have been running around with a bad sore on his back. These memories, while not always picture perfect, are what I will treasure for many years to come. Because at the end of the day, I was deer hunting with my Dad! And nobody can take that away from me!!!


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    Congrats! Very nice buck! :cheers:

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    Good job Jeff! Having a heckuva year with the bow!!
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    Oct 21, 2008
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    Thats cool, that buck jsut couldnt figure out how to stay outta range :eek::
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    Nice job Stinky!!!!! :D:cheers::wave:
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    [rquote=1887596&tid=131502&author=FiremanBrad]Nice job Stinky!!!!! :D:cheers::wave:[/rquote]

    Yeah! Nice job, Stinky!! :D

    That's a good buck! :claphands::cheers:
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    Very nice story...you'll always remember that one. Might see if he will go in for half of the taxi bill since you both shot it.
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    St Charles Co.
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    Aug 21, 2010
    Thanks guys! For the record, we were both shooting Hoyt's. Dad's is set at around 62 pounds and mine is closer to 70. He was using an aluminum arrow, tipped with a 2-blade RAGE head :stirpot:. I was shooting an aluminum arrow, tipped with a 100 gr Thunderhead!

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    Feb 24, 2010
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    Congrats that is a nice story !:cheers:
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    Good Buck! hard hunting pays off!
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    Great looking buck! Congratulations! :claphands::cheers: