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    Ok I only have 3 1/2 Acres. I have many neighbors so I'm letting the bulk of it grow. I had one Tick put me in the Hospital and have seen several Copperheads.

    I'm wanting Cedars but I have a bunch of Bush Honeysuckle.

    No I'm not using this property or enjoying it to its fullest. I am thinking of Cutting some Oaks for Firewood while I can.

    Ok neighbor on one side burns regular and I can safely burn this place. But every time I bring it up my wife says the brush isn't hurting anything leave it be.

    If I burn it yes it will cut back on the Bush Honeysuckle but like my wife says it isn't hurting anything.

    Should I burn or keep Mama Happy?


    :D :rolleyes: The Big Grin thinks there is only one answer.
  2. Prescribed burning should be used to accomplish your specific goals and if that is to reduce woody sprouts then you can accomplish this with the correctly timed prescribed burns. That being said, fire doesn't control bush honeysuckle. My recommendation to you is to utilize a herbicide on the leaves after the oaks have lost their leaves but the honeysuckle is still retaining its leaves. Contact your local PLC for more information. They can be found under the contact and engage section of the MDC website. Hope this helps.