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Breech plugs

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I've got a Knight Bighorn, and cannot seem to find an extra breech plug for it anywhere. I've looked in a Midway USA catalog and didn't see it in there and have looked in Cabela's and Bass Pro and can't find it. Just wondering if any of you have any sources as far as where to look. Sure do wish I had a couple extra now since I think Knight went out of business. Sure don't want to have to buy a new one (muzzleloader) if this breech plug gets ruined.

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we have a machine shop here in Michigan that makes breechplugs for many rifles, his breechplugs do away with the plastic disc, i'll try to find his website
what primer is it?? a standard winchester 209??
breechplugs must be a bit tight in diameter, do ya have a micrometer to measure???
[rquote=1507246&tid=104990&author=macon county boy]yep the winny primers tried to stick in my knight bighorn i got some cci primers they work fine[/rquote] i bet it's a tolerance issue, major diameter of the primer starts out to big and when you snap it the pressure expandes it enough to stick it, polishing the primer pocker with some emery would probably do the trick
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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