Boy's first turkey

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    Boy\'s first turkey

    Josh Huber, age 11, took his first turkey on Saturday, April 8 at his aunt and uncle's farm (Keith and Sharon Abernathy) south of Higbee. The young tom had an 8 inch beard and weighed 13 lbs. Upon shooting the bird, Josh stood up with the shotgun over his head and yelled "Yeehaw!!" His uncle Keith had been doing the calling for Josh while sitting motionless for 10 minutes with his (now dead asleep) legs tucked underneath him so as not to scare the birds that were on them almost as soon as they sat down. After Josh was through jumping around, Keith held out his hand for Josh to help him to his feet, and yelled "Josh!" to get his attention. Josh turned around, promptly handed Keith the shotgun, and ran out to get a look at his bird. Poor uncle Keith had to figure out a different way to get up! Josh's dad, also named Keith (Sharon's brother), helped out with the calling as well. Here's a pic.

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    LOL!!! Congrats on the bird!

  3. Congrats :cheers:. Sounds like the age 11 is a good age to get a turkey, one of my boys got his first this year also 11 years of age. Now we just need to get his twin brother his :whip:
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    Way to go Josh :eek:
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    AWESOME, way to go Josh:dancin::dancin::banana::banana:

    MoBowman ```---------->
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    Good stuff!
    Congrats to you boy!
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    Thanks, but he's not my son - he's a friend's nephew. But I told him I knew of some people who would love to hear his story, so I got a copy of the picture and posted it here. He will hunt (and vote) the rest of his life.
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    Yeehaw!! Way ta go Josh! Congratulations!!

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    great job!!!!:rotfl::banana::dancin:
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    great job there josh looks like a fine turkey
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    Dec 13, 2005
    Nice one there Josh!! Congrats!
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    Thers just nothing that makes you feel better,congrats.
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    Way to go, Josh! :banana:
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    Well Done!:wave::cheers:
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    Way to go Josh!! :dancin:
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    It don't get any better than THAT !!

    Congrats young man !
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    WOO HOO!!!! That kids looks like he just won the lottery!!!!! Happy! Happy! Happy!
    CONGRATS to the young man!!!!:cheers::cheers::cheers: