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I've read on here several ppl complaining of ***** in their feeders, predators eating nesting bird eggs, ect.
well anyway I just got back from the national trapping convention in hutchinson ks. and heres what I came across....a 5inch by 5 inch trap, its the biggest conibear that you can set on land legaly in MO. most 120 size conis are 4.5 square which doesnt sound like much difference but there is 5 square more inchs in the 5x5. its brand is CTM and I paid 12 bucks apeice for em.

and heres the way I set 160s (6x6 inchs legal in KS) so it would be the same for the CTMs. get some small trash cans (deeper the better) cut 2 notchs so the springs will fit in and stay stabilized. prop up the trap so the critter can look right into it as it walks by (aprox 4 inchs), I like something heavy on top so ***** will not play with the can and set the trap off before they got their heads in it. fence in the sides by proping sticks up but dont stab them in the ground so much that it will slow the opening of the trap. put fish, table scraps, etc in back of can. also you can see how I bend my triggers so the opening looks large enough for them to go into, if you leave the triggers hanging straight down I had ***** pull the triggers with their paw and it resulted in sprung traps.
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