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    .......iddy biddy 10 point rack. :D But to him it might as well be a new World Record.

    My 11 year old son Seth did it again this morning. He now has 4 bucks in 4 MO Youth Seasons and I couldn't be prouder.

    Saturday we had some exciting action. We didn't see anything early on and I was beginning to doubt the spot I picked out. I was talked into buying one of those "can" bleat calls from a co-worker so we tried it out around 9AM. The next thing you know we were surrounded by does and fawns. They knew something was up though and started blowing at us. One of a pair of fawns came within 10 yards of us but Seth said it was "too small". They stuck around for almost an hour giving us quite a show. After they finally left we went for lunch and a nap. In the evening, when it started getting dark, we tried the Can Call again coupled with a grunt call. Suddenly we heard a long grunt to the north of us. We could hear the buck pacing through the brush but it wouldn't come out close enough for us to see it. Then the same two fawns showed up from the south and busted us again. :whiteflag: We stayed til it was too dark to see but never saw the buck.

    This morning we headed out extra early and watched the sun rise without seeing a deer. At 7 or so Seth wanted to try the Can Call again. We made a deal that I would look to the east and he would watch the west. After a short time I turned around and saw a spike buck standing 20 yards away in front of Seth staring at us! We were both so surprised Seth barely started raising the gun before it took one leap into the creek bottom and out of sight. While I gently tried to stress to him the importance of paying attention I glanced to the north and saw a small buck walking about 50 yards away. Seth slowly raised the gun, pulled back the hammer, and said he was on him in the scope. The buck still didn't know we were there. I whispered to him that when the buck walked to a clear spot I would hit the Can Call and stop him. When the buck approached the spot I let the call do it's job. The buck stopped perfectly and turned his head our way. POW! At the rifle's report the buck hunched up and kicked his back legs. He ran only a short distance before we heard the crash of his last leap.
    We did high fives and hugs then waited a few minutes before I had Seth follow the blood trail to his prize. We both thought the buck was probably a small four or six point but we were pleasantly surprised it had a very little 10 point rack.
    Seth got a pup tent and sleeping bag for Christmas last year so he wanted to camp out on the property. It was more than a bit chilly at night for my old bones and at the end of the day a hot shower, a cold beer, and a warm bed would of been nice. But I wouldn't change a thing since we had some really nice father/son talks while laying in our bags and listening to the owls and coyotes.


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    Great smile. Sounds like some good quality time and wonderful hunt.

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    Steelville, Mo.
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    Could not ask for a bigger smile.:claphands::claphands::claphands:
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  7. :claphands::claphands::claphands::claphands::claphands:
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    nice pics :claphands:
  10. :claphands::claphands: awesome , love the pic too :eek::
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    Thats great

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    :claphttp::claphands: Congrats to you both. Great "bonding" time! :eek::