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Best pump action shotgun

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For some reason I have been thinking hard lately about switching from a semi auto shotgun to a pump action shotgun, mainly for ducks and geese but might add turkey to it as well.

What do you all feel is the best pump action shotgun on the market now?
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you have jamming problems or what? Just curious why you would want to switch?
[rquote=1519058&tid=105929&author=riverbottomhunter]No, just really don't see a need in having a semi auto. I actually shoot better with a pump because it isn't a race to pull the trigger 3 times.[/rquote]

I have been battling the thought of forking over the cash to go to a semi for a while, so it is interesting to hear why one would come back to a pump. Other than reliability and price I havent ever heard any other reasoning:shrug:
Dont here much anymore about going with a 28in barrell either. If you dont mind, any particular reason why the longer barrel?
[rquote=1519073&tid=105929&author=riverbottomhunter]Just use to a 28" barrell, have always shot them and can hit better with them.[/rquote]

:cheers: Good enough for me, shoot what your used to.:cheers:
Still havent voted since I only own an 870. Couldnt give ya an opinion on which is whick. No problems with the 870 (no surprise) and it has been used as much more than a gun. paddle, depth checker, ice breaker, still shoots no problems. Probably would be useful to add a choice on polls like this that is more like this.

Only have opinion on 870 - love it
Only have opinion on Nova - love it
Shot/owned both - choose 870
Shot/owned both - choose Nova
1 - 5 of 48 Posts
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