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Best pump action shotgun

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For some reason I have been thinking hard lately about switching from a semi auto shotgun to a pump action shotgun, mainly for ducks and geese but might add turkey to it as well.

What do you all feel is the best pump action shotgun on the market now?
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No, just really don't see a need in having a semi auto. I actually shoot better with a pump because it isn't a race to pull the trigger 3 times.
They both about the same price range. Will be looking for a 3 1/2" 12 guage, 28" barrell and camo. What do each run price wise on something like that
Just use to a 28" barrell, have always shot them and can hit better with them.
[rquote=1519072&tid=105929&author=Montauklunkerhunter]What kind of Semi Auto do you have?[/rquote]

Got several. I have a Mossberg 935 & 930 I am thinking about parting with. I also have a 11-87, but that is 1 semi auto that I will always keep. I love that gun.

Got the 930 this past spring for turkey hunting. Have no clue why I always have a gun just for turkey season. Seams kinda useless to have a gun that I might shoot just once a year. Thinking about just getting a shotgun for waterfowl and turkey.
The 935 is a great shooting gun, just a bit slow when it gets REAL cold out. No matter how clean I keep it, it is always a bit gummy in cold weather.
[rquote=1519079&tid=105929&author=macon county boy]never done any quack hunting but have killed many pheasant and quail with a over and under not to mention thousands of clay pigeons that is the shotgun id prefer not a pump fan or semi even though i have both[/rquote]

Never thought about going with an over and under. I saw one that I think mossberg came out with that looks dang good. Problem with most over and unders is that most are out of my price range.
1 - 6 of 48 Posts
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