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Best pump action shotgun

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For some reason I have been thinking hard lately about switching from a semi auto shotgun to a pump action shotgun, mainly for ducks and geese but might add turkey to it as well.

What do you all feel is the best pump action shotgun on the market now?
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Can't speak for the 870's.....

But, I have two Neli Nova's, and those things are like tanks.

Pretty sure you could paddle the boat home with one if the motor konk'd out. 870's been around forever, since people tend to vote for what they own, the 870 will more n likely win this in a landslide....

I recently did a charity event with shotgun raffle, and when I asked about the two different guns, the guy said do the Nova, people will plunk down money for a raffe of a Nova, not your everyday 870, just nothing to get excited about there... His words, not mine.....

Prolly both very nice shell shuckers.... So, you won't lose either way.....
[rquote=1519063&tid=105929&author=riverbottomhunter]They both about the same price range. Will be looking for a 3 1/2" 12 guage, 28" barrell and camo. What do each run price wise on something like that[/rquote]

I bought the 2 I have from Cabela's in January 2 years ago, and got em for less then $350... I think, I paid $319 for them... These were the max4 camo'd 28" versions.

I see the vote is 24 - 4 in favor of the 870....

Not surprising, and it was predicted.....

Be curious to know, of the 24 that voted for the 870, how many of them have ever shot, or hunted with a Nova.....

They are both good pumpers..... Different, but both good.

Like any poll about equipment, people tend to vote for what they own, and have experience with....... So, like many other polls out there... You have to take em for what they are.....

You could pose the same question about the Model 700 -vs- Weatherby MK-V, and the Model 700 would win hands down on this forum.... Cause, it's gonna be more often in the gun safes of the people that post here.... Once again, both very nice rifles..... But, the poll would seem to indicate differently.:shrug:

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I may not be the best to ask this question to. To me, a shotgun is a shotgun, is a shotgun.

I may not be the best to ask this question to. To me, a shotgun is a shotgun, is a shotgun.


Just my :02:

My 1970's model 20ga H&R single shot will kill a gobbler, rabbit, squirell, whatever dead just as good as a Benelli will.

And heck, it's worth all of 50 bucks! :rof2::rof2::rof2:[/rquote]

Yep, and you could kill a squirrel with a rock too......:shrug:

Ain't nothing wrong with a fine firearm..... But, to each their own.... Part of the enjoyment in hunting, I derive from the firearm, or bow I am carrying...... Just my :02: :D
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[rquote=1520438&tid=105929&author=greenheadsmoker613]Keep this in the back of your mind to CJ is a gun snob:D[/rquote]

Who me.....:shrug:

Not even sure I know what that means......:confused:

I own, all kinds.... Fat ones, short ones, skinny ones, even guns with chickenpox.... :rof2:

I own several "bargain" type firearms. Including some of H&R's/NEF single shots.... They are nice, but they are not a Weatherby, or a Browning neither..... My favorite duck'n gun is a Mossberg..... So, I wouldn't consider myself a gun snob, more of a gun lover.... Certain guns have their place though... Some I am more fond of than others... But, it's all cool they don't get jealous of each other.....:D
Browning BPS is definitely a nice gun, but I could never get used to the bottom eject on em.....:shrug:

But, yep, go fondle em all, and then buy the one that fits best. Budget, and gun fit.:D
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