Selling a Bergara BXR Carbon. These are a 10/22 pattern rifle with carbon fiber wrapped barrel that is threaded into the reciever as well as threaded muzzle (1/2"-28tpi) and integral scope rail. Rifle can usually give 1" ten round groups to 50 yards with rounds like CCI Standard Velocity. That said, due to having a Bentz chamber (.22LR match chamber for Semi-autos) it does not like high velocity so rounds like CCI Mini Mags would consistently throw 1-2 fliers in a 10 round group and have a hard time staying under 1.5" ten shot group minus the fliers, usually 2" or so with fliers at 50 yards. Rifle will come with a Bushnell 3-9x 40mm rimfire scope and has had the extractor, recoil spring, and buffer all swapped for reliability. Selling to go back to bolt guns for target rimfire rifles and save the semi auto for plinkers.


Message on here if interested. Only available for another 3 weeks before it'll move out of state.

Preferred meeting place is Bass Pro in St. Charles.