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Bennett spring

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Spending a few days with the family . Little Ken likes biscuits too .
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Don't think he is to interested in the fishies. Double grip on the sammich!
Water looks about perfect!
Nice! You spreading out in several different zones or just one?
We fished mostly in 3 . Stayed at the new cabins by the spring so tried my hand at fly fishing . Caught two that way .
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You already back?
You already back?
Yes we got home yesterday afternoon.
I love going there. Can't believe I haven't been yet this year.
Checked out of cabin 8 on Wednesday. Sorry we missed you.
17 in our group. 4 cabins, 7 fishing on youth tags. Grandpa had his hands full.

Ummm! I hope you wearn't using those big worms in zone one.
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No worms in 1. Some people leaving gave me those and I never used one . Might have been one of your loved ones gave me the worms .
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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