Beef as Good as Venison

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    Controversy has long raged about the relative quality and taste of venison and beef as gourmet foods. Some people say venison is tough, with a strong "wild" taste. Others insist venison's flavor is delicate. An independent food research group was retained by the Venison Council to conduct a taste test to determine the truth of these conflicting assertions once and for all.

    First, a Grade A Choice Holstein steer was chased into a swamp a mile and a half from a road and shot several times. After some of the entrails were removed, the carcass was dragged back over rocks and logs, and through mud and dust to the road. It was then thrown into the back of a pickup truck and driven through rain and snow for 100 miles before being hung out in the sun for a day.

    It was then lugged into a garage where it was skinned and rolled around on the floor for a while. Strict sanitary precautions were observed throughout the test, within the limitations of the butchering environment. For instance, dogs and cats were allowed to sniff and lick the steer carcass, but most of the time were chased away when they attempted to bite chunks out of it.

    Next, a sheet of plywood left from last year's butchering was set up in the basement on two saw horses. The pieces of dried blood, hair and fat left from last year were scraped off with a wire brush last used to clean out the grass stuck under the lawn mower.

    The skinned carcass was then dragged down the steps into the basement where a half dozen inexperienced but enthusiastic and intoxicated men worked on it with meat saws, cleavers, hammers and dull knives. The result was 375 pounds of soup bones, four bushel baskets of meat scraps, and a couple of steaks that were an eighth of an inch thick on one edge and an inch and a half thick on the other edge.

    The steaks were seared on a glowing red hot cast iron skillet to lock in the flavor. When the smoke cleared, rancid bacon grease was added, along with three pounds of onions, and the whole conglomeration was fried for two hours.

    The meat was gently teased from the frying pan and served to three intoxicated and blindfolded taste panel volunteers. Every member of the panel thought it was venison. One volunteer even said it tasted exactly like the venison he has eaten in hunting camps for the past 27 years.

    :D The Big Grin just leave the Guts in so the Gas will build up.
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    I'd take a bacon wrapped backstrap over a fillet Mignon any day.
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    this may be sac religous on deer hunting but a perfect piece of prime rib is a hard thing to pass up
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    [rquote=1863018&tid=129719&author=conradtactical]I'd take a bacon wrapped filet mignon over a backstrap any day. [/rquote]

    now you're talkin ! :D:cheers:
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    [rquote=1863058&tid=129719&author=deerslayer75]this may be sac religous on deer hunting but a perfect piece of prime rib is a hard thing to pass up[/rquote]

    Wait till you have your first gemsbok filet. :claphands:
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    I've only got's one thing to say:

    I had a conversation with a government dietitian once, and the topic of meat came up. She said I needed to watch my intake of red meat.

    So...I asked her about venison...and she said, " can have as much of that as you want!"

    I don't usually care for government advice...but this was one opinion I couldn't ignore. :D
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    Some venison is better than beef, I try to eat younger deer and give away the old bucks and does. Nuttin better than backstrap of button buck :peepwall:
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    Venison steaks grilled to medium rare are my favorite. Man where's the drooling mouth is literally watering just thinking about them right now!
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    I love the taste of venison as much as I love a juicy 20 oz. 1 1/4" boneless ribeye. However they taste completely different to me. I have never eaten one and thought that it tasted like the other. Venison tastes like venison and beef tastes like beef.
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    I don't doubt for one second that venison is better for you than beef. I probably shouldn't eat a pound at a time...but nonetheless :smiley:

    As far as taste and cost goes, I think it's a misconception in the our line of thinking that venison is better per say.

    Because of retail costs of beef, those on a budget tend to buy the lesser quality cheaper cuts like beef round steak or 70% lean burger and we try to compare that to a young deer loin and 95% lean burger. There is ovbouisly going to be a difference.

    Some people can hunt in their back yard in their tan coveralls but deer hunting is a big business with a lot of costs for many people - ammunition fired during the year, gasoline, hotels/food, tags, clearance crap we don't need, etc.
    By the time it's processed, we're probably averaging 4-6 dollars a pound for deer (and that's not counting speciality processing like sausage) and you can buy a side of beef a lot cheaper than that. That being said, I haven't bought beef for years because I'm interested in the hobby of hunting. I think that goes for most here.

    As said, deer can also taste a variety of ways. We all know what good deer tastes like but bad deer can taste like what they eat (sage out west for instance), the rut, or downright spoiled because of bad handling.

    If forced with a decision for dinner "A random cut of random beef or a random cut of random deer", the beef may be the safer bet because you at least know what you're getting. :02:
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    [rquote=1863058&tid=129719&author=deerslayer75]this may be sac religous on deer hunting but a perfect piece of prime rib is a hard thing to pass up[/rquote]


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    That was just a joke right? the whole story
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    Prime rib is not hard for me to pass up that aint cooked enough I dont like quivering meat or blood running out of it either :cool3:
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    I'm not passing a beef steak for deer. Guess I eat deer too often.

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    [rquote=1863371&tid=129719&author=Parker]I'm not passing a beef steak for deer. Guess I eat deer too often.


    Yep, I really like venison.... But, I would never pass up a really nice beef steak, for a venison steak....

    Venison tenderloin..... Well, it's pretty dern good.:cheers:
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    I like my red meat for sure, but I'll take venison over beef any day. I think it's mainly because I know it's such a treat and I can't just go buy it. I feel the pride of knowing I took part in putting it on the table. There ain't nothing that beats that :D
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    I really enjoy venison but I don't think it can beat beef. We used to feed out a steer or two every year and have it butchered and I don't recall having any meat period that was as good or better. Of course as someone mentioned before a lot of people have different experiences with the beef or venison they eat.