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Beagle pups fs

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Beagle pups will be ready to go home in 6-7 weeks. Born March 9. 5 females, 3 males. Mix of lemons and livers.
Both parents are here. No papers. Father is all heart. Has 2 speeds. All out or asleep.
Will make a perfect pet for the youngsters. Won't be ready for Easter, but can make arrangements for you to bring the tikes over here for the surprise.
$100.00 for the girls
$75.00 for the boys
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First night.


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Fenton, MO.
In saying so, I can meet within reasonable distance.
Appreciate it. But I would not be considered a reasonable distance. I’m on the west side
I know right where Smithville is. Columbia is about 1/2 way for both.
2 male definitely taken
This male may be taken. Waiting on definate reply from family.
(Not photo-genic, just like his dad)
Dog Dog breed Carnivore Finger Fawn
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Will deliver/meet up to 100 miles.
1st shots, and 2nd worming this week.
Any offers?
All males and female #5 spoken for
Good looking pups......
Open to offers for good homes
Keeping female#4
As of now. It's getting iffy on a male and female (#5) will be taken.
If not, there will be 3 females, 1 male
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