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Bass Pro Kryvo windproof jacket and pants size L in Strata

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Brand new, I bought these last year and decided to go a different direction with my clothing system. $100 Tyd

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I wish you were closer to your Daddy's size. That's good stuff
He is in the Brazito area
I tried but it said I couldn’t start a conversation with you.
ditto.... kept telling me error:banghead::banghead:
I’ll try when I get home maybe it will let me from a different device.
Still not letting me. Text me at five7threetwo2zero0fivenine7.
Is the jacket a hoodie or zip up?
Is the jacket a hoodie or zip up?
I would say a 1/4 zip from the pictures. I thought I would help you out.
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It’s a 1/4 zip with side zips for easy on off.
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Does it have a hood?
Yes it does have a hood.
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