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    Sep 25, 2008
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    Buddies and I may have to do something more formal and pay some cash to continue to hunt the family farm where we have hunted for years.

    Looking for basic general information on the existing market out there.

    Range and average lease costs per acre? $10 per acre is proposed and I don't think that is unreasonable but want more information.

    What are the normal terms in these things...exclusivity....liability....number of hunters plots.....access.....improvements/permenant stands.....timelines for planting and taking out crop....etc.

    Any basic lease forms out there that are widely used in Missouri for hunting leases? I'm thinking 2 pages max would cover the waterfront......

    PS.....this is 300 acre primarily for deer and turkey with some goose hunting....200 tillable.


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    ever lease is different and any thing that can be agreeded on can be inculded or exculded in the lease ive seen some that inculded use of a four wheeler, a farm truck, some that excluded killing quail on the farm

    can incldue that hunters must carrry so many dollar worth of insurance

    that you cant hunt more than so many days a year
    you have to notify owner so many days ahead of showing up
    how many guest hunters can come and when
    what terms or actions can result in termination of the lease
    ect ect ect

    basically the more you inculded in writing the better off you are