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Are there any hard fast rules on Baiting? We've had some healthy debates, and I'm wondering just how far someone has to be away from a baited area, to be legal?

Seems to be a gray area...hopefully you can set the record straight on this topic.


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Knockemdeadd...I'm not sure you are going to get the clear cut answer you want because there is a lot of gray area. If your hunting an area in which the bait is affecting the movement and behavior of deer then you're probably illegal, regardless of your distance from the bait pile. If your putting out bait during the hunting season it seems reasonable to assume that you are intending to affect the movement and behavior of the deer regardless of where you are hunting so the simplist solution is to not put out bait during the hunting season. But I'd suggest you contact your friendly county conservation agent for more details on your situation.

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3 CSR 10-7.431 Deer Hunting Seasons:
General Provisions
(6) Deer may not be hunted, pursued, taken
or killed:
(G) With the aid of bait (grain or other feed
placed or scattered so as to constitute an
attraction or enticement to deer). Scents and
minerals, including salt, are not regarded as
bait, however, mineral blocks with food additives
are prohibited. An area is considered
baited for ten (10) days following complete
removal of bait. Hunters can be in violation
even if they did not know an area was baited.
It is illegal to place bait in a way that causes
others to be in violation of the baiting rule.

As you are well aware there is not a distance you must be from the bait to make it legal. MDCdeer said it right. If the bait puts YOU in an advantageous position to take game then you are in violation of the baiting law.
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