Bad hits but still recovered....

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    Let's hear about some of those not so perfect shots, but you still recovered the deer.

    What tactics did you use on the trial, what sign(s) led you to make the decisions you did during the track, what sign(s) did the deer leave, how far did the deer travel etc. etc. etc.
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  2. Meller

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    Sep 5, 2008
    Gut shot a buck about 11 years ago. Didn't know it was a gut shot, arrow didn't completely exit. We waited 2 or 3 hours and started trailing. Had a little blood then we jumped him up and saw he was hurt and lumbering along. Backed out until next morning, then started trailing again. The little blood we had ran out, and we really didn't have a clue where he went. Could've went out in the standing corn, or could have followed the wooded ditch line. I just guessed that he would probably hold tight to the ditch line and just started walking and looking.

    Found him laying up against a tree still alive 15 hours later, but unable to get up. I had to neck shoot him to put him down. There was no blood trail leading up to him, finding him was just luck. But because we weren't bumping him all night, He really didn't travel all that far 300 yards +/-
    Once we saw has wasn't dead after 2 hours I knew he needed all night to expire.

  3. FiremanBrad

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    Daughters bow buck, back when she was about 13-14. 100gr Thunderhead 3 blade. 10-12 yd shot. Complete pass thru, but shot placement was center body. Dead center between front and back legs, and about 4" up from belly line, deer was walking slowly.

    At the hit, the deer bolted hard for 100yds plus, and went out of sight. We waited until just before dark and recovered arrow. Arrow showed liver blood and gut contents. We left deer over night.

    Got on the very faint trail the next morning about 10. Really faint, small droplets every few yds for that first 100+yds. Deer bedded twice in the next 100yds. Ran out of blood after second bed, so started a grid search.

    All but gave up, and on our way out, decided to check some more tall grass, as he seemed to stay in that tall grass til we lost blood. Walked right up on him, stone dead. Total track time, about 3 hrs.

    50deg night, I butchered him, and we ate him. Meat was all good!!! Not sure how long he was dead, but he was stiff.
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    Mar 14, 2010
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    Gut shot a doe one January, spotted her with the binos the next morning floating in the middle of a 28acre water shed lake. Wouldn't have recovered her had it not been for the ol leaky Jon boat and a snow shovel we used as a paddle. Gut shots not only go to water, they dive in head first.
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    Mar 7, 2007
    Shot at a doe out of a ground blind and missed her low and back a little. Cussed myself for not taking more time to double check the yardage, but as she stopped to look back, I noticed something black on her belly. Then I realized what I had done, my arrow had sliced the bottom of her belly open and her guts were hanging out. I was disgusted with myself, but backed out and came back the next morning. I found very little blood and just started following deer trails through the woods. I found her dead with in 200 yards of where I shot her.
  6. PHhunter

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    Jan 22, 2007
    First deer I ever shot with a bow was a little 4 point. Shot him while walking to my stand. Hit him right in the ham. I walked down the road he crossed to look for blood. He was standing about 20yards off the road. He snorted and ran off flagging like nothing was wrong. I did not have high hopes. Went home gave him a couple of hours, got some lights and a buddy. Followed very sparse blood for 100 yards. Then the flood gates opened. Looked like a murder scene. He was another 20y further. Complete luck on that one.