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Back to Back 100 shed season

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February 4- March 29
Beat last year by 32 days
110 and counting
Nothing big but will show top 5 of year
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Few of those look big to me. :thinking:

Nice work! Congrats. I usually on find what you have in the bottom row of the first pic.
That's impressive. I logged almost 8 miles yesterday for one nice 4 point left side and a stinker dead head.
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Congrats Mike! Another great haul. :cheers: :clap:
Nice bunch of antlers!

How many of those are matched sets?
Nice! Use a dog?
Duh...pic just down loaded...sorry
I am jealous. Never any time for me to look much.
Awesome haul and yes some of those are pretty big in my book.
Never took you for a goat herder ,,,,,,,Wheres Naz ?
Very nice. Cool genetics! R those all same areas? Missouri? County?
Now what do you do with them? I call it preseason scouting.
Picked up 2 today, hopefully 1 matches up with another find in February

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1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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