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What kind of Artifact is this Rock? I found it in a Field the other day. Kinda lookd like something the Indian's used to start Fire's with to me... also resembles an Axe.
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If I were you I would wait and see what DSG has to say. Rumor has it he is a big time rock collector. Picks them up all the time and has box after box at his house.
I thought you'd get a kick out of that last post after our conversation at the classic!!

I'm glad you enjoyed my chosen quotes. Not sure if it's a good thing that you were surprised or not. I'm guessing you thought I was an idiot!
Originally posted by DShootnstGentemn
Actually Hoytshooter considering your close friends I believe idiot is too strong of a word.............:stickfight: :hysterical: "Maroon" may be more appropriate! :D
Originally posted by DShootnstGentemn
Surely not Parker. Surely not. (I'm glad you caught it, I don't think Aristotle did.) :hysterical:
Oh I got it Larry Dallas, don't you sorry about me! :rotfl:
I somehow thought you might get that one. Wonder how many people know who I'm talking about!
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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