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Arrows for sale

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I'm trying this again for sale. I have 18 aluminum and 22 carbon arrows for sale. Its getting close to archery season and maybe some might need some. Im on the west side.
2 for aluminum, 4 for the carbon express.
message me. Probably hand deliver deal , dont know how that goes over in the post office.
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Man I'd sure like to have a dozen or a 1/2 for the wife. She goes through arrows like nobodies business.
How many blue streaks do you have and how long are they?
18 blue streaks, 2 30, 5 30.5 and the rest 31
18 blue streaks, 2 30, 5 30.5 and the rest 31
They can be cut down right?
They have Ferrels(sp) in them.
Where are you located? I'm going to do some measuring tonight.
I’m on the west side, Liberty mo area , close to worlds of fun!!
Just a bump, I’d throw in some rage broadheads
Still up for sale
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Not sure how to put Sold in header now....Please mark sold!!
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