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    I asked a question in the archery forum and was told I should try to ask the question in the MDC forum. So here it goes.

    If a hunter has both archery any deer tags still, can the hunter use both archery any deer tags in one day on 2 antlered deer?

    I know a hunter can only harvest 2 antlered deer total, all seasons combined. If a hunter does not use his any deer firearm tag and did not use an archery any deer tag during early archery deer season, he can harvest 2 antlered deer during late archery season. Correct? Can the 2 antlered deer be harvested in the same day?

    Or can a hunter harvest an antlered buck during alternative methods season using his firearm any deer tag and the same day harvest an antlered deer using an archery any deer tag? Using a cross bow or compound bow for both kills. Not using a firearm.
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    Yes, if a hunter did not take an antlered deer yet and still has both archery any deer tags, they can use them both on antlered deer on the same day after rifle season. Your scenario about alternative methods and archery in the same day would also be legal.