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just let me know when you guys are, softening my stance on able bodied crossbow sissy's :)

It's way more fun to kill a buck with a sissy crossbow, and have it die inside of 5 minutes, than it is to shoot one in the ***, and have to hope you hit femoral artery. :tup: :D
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So should we move rifle season out of the rut?
Asking for a friend.
almost spit up a lung! That would be nice, but I honestly don't much care anymore. getting APRs back would be about the best we could hope for. Perhaps knocking the start the weekend before Thanksgiving would be awesome, but too much work to for the MDC to find another weekend for the youth....hate to see the MDC hierarchy earn their keep. Halloween anyone :)

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I still gotta get my cams out. Been too dang hot to get out of the house lately. In the morning it's 80+ degrees by 8am. And some of my spots are quite a hike to get to. So I been waiting on a cloudy rainy day to go out.
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