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I've got an issue! :banghead:

My archery and firearm deer ready to be picked up from Schnettgoeke Taxidermy in Otterville, IL and I've been jonesing to pick them up but I have a dilemma and am looking for some guidance.

Under normal driving conditions it's nearly a four hour drive round trip from my place to Bob's, but the great flood of 2019 has every route I know of to get there closed due to flooding.

The Great River Rd. is underwater and they have supposedly closed the bridge at Hardin, and that is the only two ways I'm aware of to get there.

I considered trying to cross the river at Louisiana, MO and coming down from the north but I have to imagine Hwy 54 is underwater as well in the Atlas bottoms.

Anybody have any pearls of wisdom or do I sit tight and wait for the water to recede?

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I dont travel that part of illinois. Its close enough to the river I would wait myself.
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