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Anyone interested in a gator hunt?

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Not sure if this is where I post this, but my friend from north MS got drawn for a gator tag in south MS this year and was wanting to see if anyone would be interested in swapping out a deer hunt for it so I told him I would post it here and see if anyone is interested. He has gone before and killed 2 gators, one was a 10 footer and they lost one over 12'. You get 2 gator tags and he has a friend that takes them out hunting. It is pretty much a guaranteed hunt and will be August 30th. He will be going on the hunt with whoever goes. He is looking for a place to take his son hunting this fall with a good chance of killing a nice buck. If anyone would be interested in this please contact me and I will get you in touch with him. The picture is what they killed the last time they went.
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Didn’t figure there would be any interest on here but I told him I would give it a go. Thanks for the replies that I got.
I would but August - October is a no go for this guy for about 6 more years
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