Anyone ever walleye fish the Black River?

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    My brother is buying a piece of land that has 1/4 mile river frontage on the Black River close to Hendrickson (Hwy 67) access. I hear that there is really good walleye fishing in the winter and early spring in that area. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of how to fish for them there?
    I have a jet boat and can run the river, and I am familiar with walleye fishing, just wanting to know some scoop.

  2. I grew up running black river between hillard and hendrickson. Still run it on occasion. I know an older fellow that used to catch the far out of walleye there. What he did was troll some big minnows and creek chubs slowly through the from hendrickson up to about keener.
  3. Bloodtrail 1

    Bloodtrail 1 Grand PooBah

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Haven't fished it up there but we do fish the Black and the Spring down here in Arkansas for Walleye. Heavy jig tipped with a minnow and bounced along the bottom in the deeper holes in Jan and Feb is how most folks seem to do it down here. Have caught a few doing it but I'm not an expert.
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    In 2017, seemed like a keitech swing impact 3.3 on an 1/8th ounce Jihead worked great, but in the spring a lip less vibrating crank bait on bait casting gear worked fair. All I can say is fish slow, and water clarity depends on lure color. A Ned rig was the best.... Zman trds in brighter colors caught many walleye in the 2017 season. Try them out.
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    This is 7 years old.
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