Any welders / fabricator's in here???

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  1. Been thinking for some time now that I may want to put a raised deck on the front of my boat for bowfishing. Just curious on what to expect price wise. Looking no more than a foot tall, approx 5 foot wide and approx 4 foot length with about a one to two foot rail. Would like to stick w/ aluminum. Any ideas what to expect cost wise???? thanks.

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    Mar 7, 2005
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    I'm no professional but I build alot of stuff for myself. I get my steel either from scrap that I get or if I buy it it's usually from smith's in KS. I think you can get 1" square aluminum tubing for around $1.80/ft but it may have gone up since the last time I priced it. One of the more expensive parts to your project would be the flooring material I think. Depends on what you want that to be made of. Diamond plate is expensive, but no flat sheets will be too cheap. Just counting your materials, not your gas or welding wire, or time, I would imagine you could have $150 in it pretty quick. Just a guess though.
    If I knew exactly what you needed I could make a phone call and tell you what the place I get it from would charge.

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    Seems to me I read a post like this on another forum...I'll U2U ya swmo..
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    whoo hoo finally got my internet back!!

    im a welder, and if your gonna want aluminum its gonna cost more, not just for the metal, but the welding. tig costs alot more than regular stick welding. i just bought a tig 185, but if someone has a mig with aluminum wire than it costs less.
    i would make it out of 3" angle iron and put expanded metal for the flooring.
    as for cost ways the metal at least $100 plus you gotta pay the welder.
    i wish we lived closer as i would kindly do the welding for some hunting privedges.
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    Give quick Call to Valentines in Kimberling...they should be able to shoot a pretty decent price, or at least give you a good estimate.

    I called them about some railings a year ago or so, and although I changed my mind and went with something else, they quoted me the best price.
  6. Thanks guys and sent you a u2u back fireman.
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    I'm a shadetree welder, and I agree with Bowkil.
    Aluminum is great, but more expensive for material & welding.

    Even though the price of steel has gone up, it's still pretty cheap.
    I encourage EVERYONE on this forum to *not be afraid* of welding. Stick or wire welding is safe and easy with a little instruction. Used welders don't cost much and pay for themselves fast even if you only do simple household repairs.
    Now that I've learned to weld, I've made deerstands, fixed ATV racks and patio furniture, made countless custom brackets and stands, and tons of stuff I can't think of.
    The only problem is all my friends always need me to weld stuff.
    Consider it - a boat deck would be a great first project.

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    first find out the total amount of aluminum you need, itemize a list by the type and thickness of metal ie. 10 feet of 2x2x1/4" aluminum square tubing, or 3x2x1/8" angle

    after that call several places and ask for a quote. but be aware that alot of places make you pay extra if they have to cut a full piece into smaller pieces for you.

    good luck and please show us some pictures when you get done

    Im not a professional welder, but i don't believe you can stick weld aluminum

    instead, i would set a mig up to weld aluminum,. which may include the cost of an extra bottle of argon, and the aluminum wire.
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    i don't know what all the fuss is, just have p-man lift you up on his shoulders.:rotfl:
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    If you lived close and just bought the materials I'd make it for you for nothing, I really like welding aluminum. Let me know what kind of prices you find.
  11. :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:

    Seen one guy that used a 5ft aluminum ladder tied down w/ ratchet straps :eek:.

    Thanks all for the great suggestions, still don't know if I want to do this or not yet, just looking for idea's on what it might roughly cost. Another thing is it's gotta be removable either clamp on or bolt on.
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    Ditto what cp said.. where you get one of the biggest expenses dealing w/ pro welders is the labor... the more they have to measure, try this and try that it will ADD up big time, found this out first hand on a atv trailer i had built... the next time i had to have somethin done i did like cp and was done fast and cheap...

    I also agree on the expanded metal, it'll hold ya.. Ive got it on my atv trailer as well as the floorboards in my cj. Cheap, fairly lightweight and can see through it if / when needed.

    I would go w/ the bolt on, just a rough picture in my head would be a couple of tubes on each side bolted to the front of your boat and the "stand" would have a tad bit smaller size tube and would fit down inside it and would be attached via a bolt. Then a couple of angle irons from the front of the stand angled back towards the bottom of the boat to keep it secure, those would not have to attach to anything, just a lil foot on each one and a pad of rubber to keep er from scracthin.

    Cost wise, its really hard to say itll be 50 bucks or itll be 150, depends upon the end choice of metal and how much welding will be involved... If ya need a hand give me a shout and ill help out however i can...

    *edit* whenever you decide what materials you gunna use shoot me a u2u, my guy always has tons of scraps of all types of metals around, ill check and see what hes got and what kind of deal hed do
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    Swmo, the design of the shooting stand that my buddy has on his boat is like this:

    1 inch square aluminum tubing for everything.
    4 legs in the corners, each fits into a U-bracket that has a pin through it to hold the legs down. The U-brackets are bolted to the deck w/ stainless steel bolts. The pins are similar to Climbing stand pins, and have a cotter pin.

    The whole thing is about 4 foot square...maybe larger. The rails extend about 3 feet above the platform on 3 sides.

    The platform is about 18inches above the front deck of the boat, and is made of 1 inch aluminium on 5 or 6 inch floor joists. These have had Skateboard grip tape wrapped around them for traction. In the future, we are going to have the platform line-xed, b/c the tape peels off after awhile.

    There is a lighting rig all around the rails, connected so that we can unplug it and lift the whole shooting platform and rails off the boat if needed.

    There are plent of more elaborate setups out there, but this works well for us.
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    Feb 5, 2005
    American Welding Society Certified D1.1 structural, MIG, TIG, Stick. Also do Plasma and torch work.

    Aluminum welding isn't much more expensive than any other form of welding. A rough guess would be in the 125- 150 range for what you are wanting to do. Check some of your local welding shops and ask.