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Originally posted by RAKMAN
As stated. what do you think of them. Are they truly easy and quick?
Use them...

I purchased them and used them before we were selected to Dream Season (we got a couple more sets to use then and have become pretty good with them - sure beats screwing steps in by hand).

The one thing you want to be sure of when using them is to be sure to pull straight down on them when climbing.

I tend to go around trees when I climb (according to my brother). If you grab and pull across or at an angle might get exciting.

They are very functional and easy to pack in with a stand. Go up really fast after you mess around with them and practice a little, doesn't take long.

I like them and Kimberly slaps them up real quick, they are lightweight.

Enjoy them,
Scott & Kimberly
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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