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My youngest Wyatt has shot two deer with the 300 blk out. 125 grain sierra hand loads.
One buck and one doe, back when he was 6 and 7 yrs old. Both wound channels looked like they had been hit with a 30-06.
Both were quartering to shots and both went full pass through at about 80 yards. Front of chest entrance and out behind the ribs on the far side.

45 -70 is a horse! As is the 454 casull. Only place I have seen the casull is in a pistol, but it packs a wallop!

Wyatt dropped a deer with a 45 long colt out of a pistol when he was 9. It is slow has little recoil at all but it keeps on going.
I have seen american buffalo killed with a 45 long colt on the internet.

Out of those on the list the 300 blk out is most like a modern high power rifle.

Good luck on the hunt for one. Look at a lot of ballistic charts.

An 1873 44-40 is a cool rifle but I wouldn't recommend it for deer. Boom.........................................................***! Slow and not much energy at 75 yards.
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