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I would try to keep everything as simple as possible for your first year. Too many people get caught up in buying stuff that will make them a successful turkey hunter and that simply won't work. I know an old guy that shoots a full choke single shot 12 ga., carries an old box call he made, and a couple of shells and he has killed two birds every season for as far back as I know.

I think a push button call is really all you would need as far as calls go. If you wanted to get another call or two get a slate call and a couple of mouth calls to practice with. The Remington extra full choke would work just fine and won't break the bank. Any hen decoy will work but you really don't need one.

I have found the most important thing a turkey hunter can do is be familiar with the land and the turkey he is hunting. Find out where the turkey you are hunting like to hang out and strut and hunt there. This will take a little scouting but I guarantee that it will help you more than any equipment you can buy. Get out and scout and just listen to the vocalizations of the hens and try to reproduce their cadence when you practice. Don't try and call when you are scouting.

One of the best things I ever did was to take a little recorder out with me and record the sounds hens made. I listened to them over and over and tried to sound like them. I also have found over the years that some of the worst sounding callers are actually the hens themself. I don't know how many times I have said to myself, "That guy on that call sure sounds like sh*t ", and then here comes a hen making the racket. You don't have to be a GRAND CHAMPION caller to kill a turkey. All you have to do is be where he wants to go and don't screw up by calling all of the time. You will find out by listening to hens that they don't just stand around and yelp. They purr and cluck a lot more than they yelp and there are a lot of survival variables that dictate how vocal they are.

Good luck and I hope I didn't wear you out reading all of my ramblings!
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