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just wondering if any of you have experienced with purina antlermax. i always use mineral licks but this stuff sounds interesting. talked tot he local feed store friend and he recommends it, he said to start out mixing it with corn and then gradually decrease the amount of corn untill its all antlermax, any body try this??
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We have bought a ton a month for the last 3 months.
We will probably feed for a few more weeks until all the young tender growth has emerged...deer at the feeders raise up on their back feet and fight each other to get to it.
No weeds, grass or anything around the feeders, bare soil.

Is it good, bad...heck I dont know, but they like it and it has the right mix for antler growth, body building etc.

My buddy lives on the farm, there are 12-16 morning and night at the feeder behind his house.

end of story
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