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Antler Growth

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What's everyone's opinion on the last week of substantial antler growth? Seems like the bucks I see are hard horned by the 2nd week of September and many by the first. Is the 3rd week of August the last week for substantial growth? Dont really see much more growth from my area past that time. Got many great bucks who I got a few pics of early August and seemed to be camera shy since then. Just has my imagination running about how much more they have grown.
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They are all different, but I would say they are just about done. All the energy that was moving up to above their head, is now moving down and between the back legs.
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seen a hard horned buck Wednesday, and many other tight velveted. Did see a couple that I believe still have some growing to do. Like Cedar Thicket mentioned, I think most are done, and to answer your question I feel the majority are done by 8/15. But, the late droppers are the ones still going.
i saw hard bone this morning on a buck while driving to work
I believe that if the end of the velvet antler doesn't have a larger knob like appearance, that point is done growing. I think it takes about a month to get from velvet to hard horn.
August 10th is the average. Some a bit earlier some a bit later. The antler starts hardening over the next 3 1/2 weeks and then the velvet sheds.
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