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    Austin, these guys are correct , I intended no hostility toward've done a good job for us in the past. My intention was to point out that you and other CMG mods will never have the investment in the people on this website that those of us who personally know them have. Also, let me point out that you are an apparent anomaly when it comes to people from CMG being involved in Mwt. Regarding the "personal touch" that comes with personally knowing the membership I think that committed CMG employed moderators will probably be more fair and impartial in moderation of the site because they don't have a past with the members and aren't as invested in the issues that arise on MWT related to hunting in Missouri. However if you're not on the forum reading every day you will miss details and won't always get it right. Lastly, I don't think CMG. Mids would have the same difficulty banning members because of the lack of actually knowing the man behind the username. That's why disruptive members are allowed to stay for so long and are allowed to come back...member moderators are influenced by the relationships formed over the years. Member mods are pushed and pulled upon by the members to do this do that etc.
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    That would top Brock for Broglio any day.:eek::