Another one down in PC continued story and pics

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    Trey and I had a rather unusual but exciting hunt on Sunday, November 7th. As we were walking to the ground blind, I noticed a really nice buck along the ditch. At first he appeared to be making a scrape but further observation revealed he was taking a nap! The wind was blowing consistent from the southwest and we decided to make a stalk. The buck was at 74 yards. We closed the distance on our hands and knees, using tall grass and cedar trees for concealment, to 42 yards. Trey moved to the other side of a small group of cedar trees and the buck heard him. The buck raised his head and in an aggressive posture came our direction!! The buck came to 32 yards and the face off began with what seemed to be for ever. I could tell the brow tines on this buck were exceptional!! The buck stood like a statue, with his antlers facing Trey, as if he was waiting for another buck to come out of the cedar trees to battle. I grunted several times with no reaction from the buck. The standoff lasted for at least 10 minutes until he started walking up the ridge right to us!! The buck turned to go back down the ridge into the timber and Trey released his arrow. Lets just say, after staring at this awesome creature on the ground face to face for as long as he did, nerves got the best of Trey and the shot was not perfect. We backed out and came back early the next morning to attempt the recovery. Trey, Uncle Joe and I started looking at 0645 hours and at 0745 hours we had not found a single positive sign. I sent Trey to school and Joe and I continued the search. With no sign it was really like looking for a needle in a hay stack. We searched were we could and found nothing. As we were walking the last ditch back to the truck, I looked in a small water way and saw a white main beam sticking up in the grass. It was Trey's buck! The buck had only went approximately 125 yards from where I last saw him but in the opposite direction. I knew the buck was going to have really nice brow tines but I was very surprised that I had not noticed the four inch drop tine off his left main beam!! Sorry for the long narrative but it was the most exciting whitetail hunt I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. (Story told by my dad)


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    Hey Trey, nice work bud!!!! This is Brad!!!! Glad you posted this up here!!!I just got the pics in an email today!!! Tell your dad howdy for me!!!:claphands::wave:

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    congrats sounds like an awesome hunt!!!!!!!
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    awesome story! and heck of a good buck

    good work and thanks for sharing
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    Thanks everyone!! It was the most excting hunt I had ever been on also!! Especially when he was walking directly at me at about 25 yrds! I want to wish everyone happy hunting this weekend and hope everyone turns out successful!! :)
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    :claphands::claphands::claphands: Great buck and great story to boot! Congrats and thanx for sharing them!
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    [rquote=1890500&tid=131650&author=huntforfunnfood]awesome story! and heck of a good buck

    good work and thanks for sharing[/rquote]

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    Nice buck. congrats. Them are some dandy brows. :cheers:

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    what a buck, congrats:cheers: