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Got this guy sunday afternoon around 2. I had saw a lot of other smaller bucks and a ton of does opening weekend and this weekend but had been holding out for one of the bigger bucks I had pictures of. Decided to go ahead and take this guy when after i jumped him up from being bedded down in a grown up fence row out in a field he only ran about 80 yards and turned and just looked at me. let him have it behind the shoulder. Surpisingly he left absolutley no blood trail despite hitting him in the lungs. I found him laying in the field about 30 yards from where i hit him. He was facing back towards me which i guess means he had tried to bed down where he could see me coming.

Not a big buck by any means but the best one I had saw in over 30 hours of hunting so with the season winding down I went ahead and took him.


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