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Well made my annual archery trip to Indiana, got a real good friend over there how keeps tabs on the bruisers. Only saw 4 deer in the woods but 3 of them where bucks. I had a bruiser 9pt with a split G2 about 8 inches deep at 13yds and couldn't get a shot. Grunted him finally and he stops behind the only stuff u couldn't put an arrow threw. Talk about bitter disappointment.

The two other bucks, one was a 120 class 8 pt that wouldn't come in, threw everything I could at him, esterus can, grunt tube, snort wheeze just wouldn't come up the big incline I was on top of. He really like that snort wheeze tho, looked up hill for 10 min or so trying to see another deer. Wheres a decoy when u need one. The broke off forky stood 10 yds for 5 minutes smelling the doe pee I had out, figures.

Was a good hunt, will be back next year to do it all again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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