An open letter from Jimmy Houston

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    An Open Letter from Jimmy Houston
    « on: February 07, 2006, 02:15:01 PM »

    During the first week of February, we received a message from Kyle Crawford about a vicious attack against Mothwing and me by the National Wildlife Federation, PETA and "concerned" hunters.

    I asked Kyle to get me the numbers of those who sent e-mails and I would call them. I called every number he gave me on Friday, February 3. Naturally several of the numbers were probably PETA affiliated, some were not available or didn't answer, but I did get to talk to eight or ten actual hunters. I didn't ask these guys to alter their opinion or their passion. I simply wanted them to know the facts from me.

    First, I want to apologize to any hunter or non-hunter who has been personally hurt or damaged by my deer hunt at Bellars. The primary inference on the video produced by the National Wildlife Federation is that I shot or was hunting drugged deer and that I
    was doing it in a 3-6 acre pen.

    1. The Federal Drug Administration asked me for three packages of the meat to test for drugs. I had no idea what drugs they were testing for - I actually thought they might be looking for a steroid maybe used in raising big deer. They tested the meat and found no drugs. Then they asked me if I would give them the rest of the meat. I voluntarily did this and this meat was also tested. I specifically asked the FDA agent at the trial if any drugs were found in my meat and he told me NO-there was none. By the
    way, we had already eaten some of the meat and it was perfectly ok.

    2. I was not hunting in a 3-6 acre pen. We were hunting in a high-fenced area and the stand that they had me in was within 10 yards of a fence. This fence went over the hill and we could not see how far it went. As I testified in the trial, we went over the hill and never did reach the other end of the high fence. There is no way I could estimate the size of the area. It could be 50 acres, it could be 500 acres. The entire high fence area, as I was told was 1200 acres, but, yes, there were section fences. The fence that is seen on the video is the same fence we were beside. There is video shot in one direction and video shot in the other
    direction of the same fence. Bear in mind that the camera was in a different stand than the one I was in. I got in this tree stand at 7AM on this morning and shot the deer at 11:10. That is over 4 hours. It was 20 degrees.

    3. Russ Bellar did come out and check on us around 9:00AM. We saw several deer; we even saw a deer go under the fence. The buck I shot was a 6 ½ or 7 ½ year old buck and was chasing a doe. There were literally hundreds of deer on Bellars place. At the time, nothing seemed unusual other than it was really cold. I completely agree with all hunters about shooting drugged deer in pens. This is wrong. I share your same passion and have spent my entire life hunting and have worked diligently to promote,
    protect and preserve this great heritage.

    Have I ever broken a law or been put in an awkward position? Of course. Should I be singled out and crucified for hunting at Bellars where hundreds of others have hunted? I don't believe so.

    From the very first day I was contacted by the Federal Wildlife Department, I have cooperated fully and truthfully. I was always called "a witness and or a victim" by the prosecution and I did testify for the state. This is indeed very hurtful when you have given your entire life to the promotion and betterment of hunting and fishing.

    We see on television every day where individuals attack, blow up, kill and maim people all over the world. We call these folks terrorists and wonder how anyone could develop that much hate. Yet with a few seconds of produced video, hate has welled up so much in some as to want to destroy me, our television show, and any company we are involved with.

    Again, if I have hurt anyone, I apologize and ask your forgiveness.

    By the way, we did not air that hunt on television and never portrayed any pictures to anyone as fair chase, high fence or otherwise. I just learned this week that the picture was on some websites and asked that it be removed. We decided not air the hunt when we learned there was some controversy surrounding Bellars Place.

    Yes, had we known then what we know not, we would not have hunted there but that's why hindsight is 20-20. Was it wrong for me to hunt there? Absolutely!

    Obviously this letter won't satisfy everyone, particularly those anti-hunters whose desire is to keep this on the front burners and watch Jimmy burn. They love nothing more than making hunters attack hunters. But, to the real hunters who read this, I apologize for any hurt or disappointment I have caused you.

    Good hunting, good fishing and May God Bless!

    Best Personal Regards,

    "A hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove, how big my bank account was..but that I was important in the life of a child"
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    Feb 16, 2005
    Can you say CYA!

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    I have been following this on his site------I'm still undecided about the entire thing but I'm still leaning towards the fact that he's now simply attempting to wade thru all that he has done. There are a few that are simply out to hang him from a tal-tall tree and I see their point in the matter---

    Myself-----Who am I to judge as well as who am I to launch or partake in a crusade to trash this mans life--even if thats what he deserves. Does he deserve that?

    I am totally aginst canned hunts of any kind. Would I participate in one----NO!
    Should I or do I hold it aginst someone that chooses to do this Legally?-----Nope!

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    Read this last night on his website and frankly I don't believe him, as well as most that posted responses to it. Claims he now knows he was wrong, but I believe he knew at the time what was going on was wrong, but they continued to shoot and film anyway. Don't think you'll see much more of him in any hunts.

    Wonder if the guy in Lee's Summit that got caught cheating in the fishing tournament for BassMasters (I believe) did any fishing with Jimmy?:eek: Afraid his credibility in both areas just hit the :toilet:

    MoBowman ```----------->
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    I believe that Jimmy knew he was in the wrong to start with. The thing that I cannot fathom is why he would video tape a wrong doing? It sure has come back to bite him in the :ass:. He has lost the respect of a lot of people and may never get it back. He is at this point, he is floating in that old preverbial creek!!!!!

    Steve, I guess this means you will not be getting a return call!
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    What really got me to "burning" was how they described the hunt, on his website ~ "Hunting the elusive Indiana whitetail..."

    He can write all the letters he wants ~ the video shows otherwise...that "elusive" Indiana whitetail was being herded to him, IMHO.

    And my opinion is worth exactly what you paid for it...

    BTW, Steve ~ did you ever get to talk to him in person?
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    Oct 22, 2002
    Rick I got a voice mail from him. If I could figure out how to post it I would so everyone could hear !!
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    Turn on your midi recorded on your computer and then place the mic by the received and you can make it a midi file and then post it here as an attachment---:cheers:
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    Pman your a genius !

    I'm going to play the voice mail and record it on my camera as a video....
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    Heres my beef, Jimmy Houston of all people should know better than to get involved in something like this. he should have people scouting out his areas and places to hunt before he goes. if he went i have to believe that he knew the Deal. the video i saw really tells a different story than what he states in this letter.

    CFraz your right, i have no respect for this guy now.. and i doubt he will ever get mine back.

    its still up to each of us to make up our own minds. and i think mine is. with that said, i dont have a beef with him making a living, he can, just not on my T.V.
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    I have tried to follow this and not be pulled into the emotion. I have known Jimmy for years and in my opinion, he just simply made a stupid error, one bad judgement. The guy is and always has been first class and in his world of pro fishermen, there are a ton of guys who cant carry his socks when it comes to treating people right....
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    Wel I'll only say one thing. Jimmy is the only one that knows for sure what happened, right or wrong.

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    This is being discussed and cussed on the Mississippi site. I read the letter last night and it sounds like it was written and edited for him. His wife responded on the site and basicly said if Jimmy loses his fans they will starve. Well they should have thought of it sooner. This is what happens when the show and the results are more important than ethical hunting. The bottom line is how much money can be made.
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    The bottom line "TO ME" is this------

    How does he-- himself feel about the entire mess?
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    Apr 20, 2005
    Kinda sems like Terrell Owens only the Hunting Version.
  16. Chairman

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    The opening statement on his website has been edited, to remove the reference to the "elusive Indiana whitetail":

    I think you're right, Crystal ~ he's in the proverbial creek alright, and doing some frantic back-paddling...

    And by the way ol' Jimmy is making a lot of personal calls, I feel the sponsors have told him, "YOU deal with it ~ it ain't our responsibility to answer for your screw-ups..."

    Just my opinion, of course...
  17. Chairman

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    Looks like he missed this one, on a page that's deeper in the website, on his "outdoors" link:

    Since 1976 Jimmy has been entertaining and educating folks that love the outdoors. He is best known for his blonde lockes and trademark laugh. If it is tempting largemouth in Florida, enticing peacocks in South America, catching crappie on Lake Tenkiller or trying to outsmart the elusive wite tail buck in Indiana, Jimmy strives to make you feel like you're right there in the boat or tree stand with him.

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    Lamar Co. Texas
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    Aug 4, 2004
    Whether it's 10 acres or 10000 acres, if your "shooting at game" in a fenced area, IT IS NOT HUNTING!!!!!:mad:
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    Just a hunch on my part, by I'm thinkin there's prolly a few other "Big name" hunters out there right now shakin in their Danner's over what's goin on......:bangin:

    I'd say it's a pretty safe bet there are several others that have filmed hunts like this, just to get that right shot.

    Sure seems to me like them hunting shows would be a whole lot easier to produce, if you know that you'd only have to sit in the tree for a couple of hours & be gauranteed of a kill shot...

    I will tell ya that I found it quite amusing that he made it a point to say....

    " got in this tree stand at 7AM on this morning and shot the deer at 11:10. That is over 4 hours. It was 20 degrees."

    My response to that is.... SO!!!!!

    4 hours on tree stand in 20 degree weather to kill a big buck.... Oh the pain & sufferin.... I can't believe anyone could have the nerve to question his hunting ability after suffering through an ordeal like that...... What's the word I'm lookin for here.... lemme think.... You know it's a synonym for Kitty.....:moon: