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Ammo for trade

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I have some ammo I would like to trade for 124gr 9mm FMJ.

.380 ACP 13 Boxes American Eagle 95gr FMJ $195
10 Boxes Ultramax 95gr FMJ $150
8 Boxes Wichester T-Series 95 gr Value $175

.38 Special 3 Full boxes and 23 rounds in one box 158gr Lead round nose $55

10mm Approx 350 rounds 180gr FMJ $95
Winchester Silver Tip 175gr 460 rounds in box plus 30 loose rounds $500

Prices are trade value, would like equal trade for 124gr 9mm FMJ doesn't matter brand just no steel case. Would also be willing to sell but in bulk not just a box here and there. Located in Montgomery City MO


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