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    well i went out saturday,got to my blind about noon and sat all day and didnt see anything up until about 10 mins before last shooting light a small six pointer came up to me about 5 yards and was kind of suspicious of me and eventually left after a couple minutes of studying me, and just then a nice shotter buck came up the trail of the first buck,studied me and just as the other started to back up and luckily went behind a hay bale that was about 10yard in front of me and when he did i drew back and when he came out the other side i stopped him and released the arrow. Perfect shot right behind the front shoulder and he ran off into some thick cedar trees and crp grass. Let him go about an hour and by that time it was well after dark, we looked and looked and couldnt find blood so we backed out and waited till morning
    First light sunday morning we got back out there to look for him...completely walked all the crp and cedars and finally found a blood trail about 200 yards from where i shot so we picked it up and began trailing and bumped him up so we let him go for about an hour and a half and picked up the blood trail that afternoon
    as the blood began to thin out and eventually stop we decided to back out and i will be up there again this weekend to look again and if he is not dead i will try to get him with my rifle this weekend during youth season...if i find him it will be my first deer and also buck with a bow
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    Good luck finding him. If ya know your neighbors, you may let them all know that you shot one and tell them exactly what he looked like and have them keep an eye out for him. Had that happen to me a few years ago during rifle season, and had a neighbor call me a couple weeks later and let me know that he found my deer and if I wanted it told me where it was that I could get it. Ya never know, they may be kind enough to keep an eye out for him for you. :)