I bought a newer/bigger tractor with a FEL, so I'm forced to sell my WD45, wide front, with extras, as I just don't have the shed space--or need--for two tractors. I've had her since 1990 and have done all typical "hunting farm" work--mowing, post hole digging, cultivating for food plots, dragging logs, etc. She is a good-running, strong tractor, with no major problems. A factory original three-bottom two-point hookup AC plow goes with, as well as a remote hydraulic cylinder. (AC cylinders are high-pressure and needed for any old AC tractor--they are fairly uncommon, and fairly expensive, as you can't just go to a farm store and buy a cylinder.) There is a three-point conversion included (done right), as well as a front weight rack made for IH 100 lb. suitcase weights. Important: The weights shown in the pics (front and rear) DO NOT go with the tractor.

The following things come to mind:

She has a new clutch 7-8 years ago. The hand (wet) clutch was inspected and the mechanic said it should last forever.

All gauges work properly.

I have extra claws for the lift arms.

The original radiator started leaking, was replaced, then repaired at a radiator shop, so it comes with a spare radiator.

It was converted to 12V.

Always shedded.

Included is two spare PTO gear boxes.

Included is a spare hydraulic pump.

Front tires, and rims, are just a few years old, and like new.

The right rear tire is just a few years old--the left was new in 1990 and in good shape.

There is an extra tool box.

The battery box is in good shape and includes all pieces, though I don't keep them on, so they are not in the pic.

There is a complete spare wide front end--with repairable damage.

I have extra front wheel hubs (I think two of them, but maybe three).

I have two spare rear fenders and the brackets to attach them. (Not in the best shape, but useable.)

She starts in a second and runs strong. I mowed for several hours two weeks ago.

I will think of more and edit in as they occur to me.

Located in north-central Missouri, about 30 miles NW of Macon, in Macon county--on a paved road.

I can add additional pics as requested--I didn't think to shoot the rear end or the plow. (sorry!)

Hopefully I'm getting this up in time for someone to do their fall mowing and food plot planting--and before I change my mind, as this was my first tractor and I really don't want to sell her. I'm getting old and need the FEL on the John Deere though.