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Adult license for taking a youth hunting.

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I saw where an adult doesn't have to buy a hunting license to take a kid hunting during the youth seasons anymore as long as the adult is Hunter's Safety Course certified. That's pretty nice for the NR hunters if they are just taking their kids.
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Good deal

Hadn’t read that yet

I’ll ask MDC but I assume hunters assisting other hunters during regular season will still need a valid tag

Ex. My farm tag isn’t good to assist another hunter on a property other than mine. To assist another hunter on any other land I need some form of standard tag?
This is such a crap law. If anyone isn't carrying a gun while helping another individual, why would they need a valid tag? Its ludicrous! Not going to stop anything but someone not taking an individual hunting. If the want to perpetuate the hunting tradition, they need to remove all laws like these and quit worrying about a few extra bucks.
They probably consider calling, helping carry any gear & who knows what else assisting. That would probably mean you need a tag . I don't know but a tag is cheap compared to a fine.
I know one year I called and asked a CO if I had to buy a license if I wanted to film a buddy of mine hunting and the answer was yes. Thought that was pretty crazy.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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